Introduction of Christian sexual education

Classe de educação sexual cristã

These information is for Christian parents to help them with the sexual education to their son or daughter who is older than 9 years and 14 years.

The parents themselves have to judge this information first and analyze before showing to their child. It is the task of Christian parents to teach your children (Deuteronomy 11:19). Look how well the Jews teached their children. The Virgin Mary (12-15 years?) knew it all very well, she had received a good sexual education by her parents. So parents who accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour has the obligation to teach their children. Christian sexual education is a very important education in a correct relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, the Creator. The (sexual) relationship between man and woman is created by our Creator.
It is not intended that a child receives sexual education in school or by friends or classmates. Do not be afraid to inform. You will be surprised about any questions, often these focused earlier on the pregnancy than on the intercourse.
The first step is to read with your son or daughter together Genesis 1 and 2.

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For children older than 9 years: EDUCATION 1

For children older than 14 years: EDUCATION 2

For adults older than 18 years: EDUCATION MARRIAGE AND SEXUAL SINS

Christian sex education is a task of the parents

When we look at the Jews, we see how good their sex education is. The girls know exactly the date on which they can become pregnant. Already at an early age the Virgin Mary knew how she could conceive. Today, poor education takes place by parents and at school. In some countries, the compulsory education of genero: no difference between boys and girls. Boys have to play with dolls and girls with cars. Boys are allowed to walk in skirts. If the parents refuse this education, they are expelled from their parental authority. Therefore, some Christian parents flee their country. God has clearly created man and woman at creation. Why? The man has his strong qualities with weaknesses such as feeling. Women are more sensitive and stronger in other areas. The child needs BOTH, the father as well as the mother.
We look at the fact that parents sometimes decide to change gender, which in some countries does not have to wait until the age of 18 years. The result, the boy is operated and the genitals changed to female. But will never be able to give birth to children. Or the girl gets a penis, but will never have an ejaculation. In both cases, unable to get children. That is exactly what satan wants. In other cases, the sexual sex is being operated back to originally, but the damage has happened and unable to have children. Yes, worse the trauma is so great that suicide follows. More information about Gender Ideology.
Let us as parents take our responsibility and educate our child(ren). Sex education is the task of the parents and NOT of the school. Your child should be hear it the first time from its parents, not from a friend at school. These pages provide honest and open information as our Lord God intended. Accompanied by illustrations and videos. The sexual intercourse already took place from creation and the apostle Paul confirmed it by "Do not refuse one another except perhaps by agreement for a season, that you may devote yourselves to prayer" (1 Cor. 7:5). Use these pages as assistance. As a parent you can best determine which information your child is entitled to.

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