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This site gives Christian sex education for boys and girls from the age of 14. This Christian sex education informs you about the choice of your future partner, the sexual relation, natural giving birth, cesarean delivery, breast feeding (nursing) and self-exam of the breasts, preparing for marriage and the sexual relation.

How do you choose your future partner?

Ploughing oxesPloughing ox and horse

1 Cor. 7:39 A wife is bound to her husband as long as he lives. If the husband dies, she is free to be married to whom she wishes, only in the Lord..

The Bible is very clear that a believer should only marry another believer in the Lord Jesus Christ (who accepted Jesus Christ as his/her personal Savior and acknowledge as Lord).

2 Cor. 6:14-16 Do not be mismated with unbelievers. For what partnership have righteousness and iniquity? Or what fellowship has light with darkness? What accord has Christ with Be'lial? Or what has a believer in common with an unbeliever? What agreement has the temple of God with idols? For we are the temple of the living God; as God said, "I will live in them and move among them, and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.

Choosing partner?
How do you choose your partner?
Courting permitted?
With whom may you date?

What does "mismated" mean?
In other translation "mismated" is translated by a span which signifies two animals which pull a tool (for example a plough).
A span of an ox and a horse does not work.
A span of a young and an old ox does not work.

That is why a believer is not allowed to marry with an unbeliever.
Do not say, but through my prayers, my unbelieving partner will accept Jesus. That is not what the Bible says (1 Cor. 7:10-16). The Bible clearly prohibits a relationship/marriage of a believer with an unbeliever. Hence no courtship with an unbeliever. Because likely/possible the unbeliever is never coming to faith. Do not say, but my partner is going with me to church. Often the unbeliever is only interested in you and therefore goes with you, but once married, the unbelieving partner gives up, with all strains of serve, yes even that the believer falls and loses faith and salvation. Do not expect God's blessing on your marriage if you consciously marry an unbeliever and form a unequally yoked.
Another thing is when within the existing marriage, one accepts Jesus. The marriage should be continued 1 Cor. 7:12-16.
An unequal span is also an unequal church or sect, or an evangelical believer with a Catholic believer. Why does this not last? A Catholic worships the Holy Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, worship by the Church canonized people, worship (Holy) images. The Bible is very clear that the believer may NOT worship images and (canonized) people (Exodus 20:2-5, Matthew 4:8-10). The believer may only kneel down and worship God the Father with the Jesus Christ as Mediator. Holy images are idols and images of people on earth, mother Maria did not died at the cross, therefore she is not a mediator.
An unequal span is a young and an old ox: a young one in faith who marries with a mature experienced Christian. That also goes wrong! Let the experienced Christian not say: I teach my partner, my partner will grow. Spiritual growth takes years and you cannot force it. The mature Christian spends time in prayer, Bible study and teaching other Christians. The young Christian calls for attention and will not tolerate the partner spends so much time to God. That marriage will go wrong, and divorce is excluded! With all its consequences. And satan laughs, because both Christians are rendered useless for God and is a bad Christian testimony.

So what the Bible says is true: marry on equal level of spiritual life.

Take your time before you marry. Communicate a lot with each other and discovered if you are on equal level, think and explains the same about Biblical things, on the Christian education of children, do Bible studies together, pray together, follow a course for engaged given by the Church, etc.
Some do not know each other after five years of courtship. Others are very involved to get to know each other, do everything together, communicating intensively and know each other within one year better than a couple of five year of courtship. This also dependents on age. Anyway, discover each other (not sexually, because sexual intercourse and intimacy before marriage is forbidden (Gen. 2:24)) and communicate intensively. Discover if you have the same interests, or you wish to be employed in the service of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Marry a virgin (this applies to both the man and the woman, also that is an equal span). Believers are a priestly people. Read what were the requirements of a priest in the Old Testament (Lev. 21:13-14). The priest should marry only a virgin! The believer is a priest serving in the Temple 2 Cor. 6:16. This is an absolute necessity for those who wishes to enter in the service of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Be serious and do not think too light over a Christian marriage, especially if both wish to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Read the 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1:6-9 requirements for being a worker of the Lord Jesus Christ.

And for the bachelor?

Consider seriously if God ask of you to stay only.

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What is the function of male sperm?

The natural birth

Cesarean delivery

Why is Breast feeding important?

Breastfeeding is very important for the baby. It is the power supply given by the Lord God of all nutrition, vitamins and substances protection against diseases. It does not matter if you have small or large breasts, each type of breast is capable of breastfeeding. Yes, one already has full breasts with milk delivery after birth. And others must enforce to produce milk. Important is a regular milk supply, to stimulate the milk production. See the videos.
Breast feeding

How do you do self-examination of your breasts?


Test your knowledge

What preparations for marriage?

What does this have to do with sex education? Everything, sexual intercourse is a unity of spirit, soul and body. First the unity of spirit: similar thinking, agreeing on issues. Only then can happen a unity of body, the intercourse. Some women experience a deep unity, as if there enters in the body of the man, and feel (see) Jesus Christ in this experience. May many have this pleasure!
A marriage is until death separates and a marriage is a promise to ..... the partner, yes, but the promise is ... to God!
Here to think in tough times, divorce is not possible. Unless in the case of adultery, incest (=adultery), then the marriage is already broken! Yes but ... in the case of domestic violence, drunkenness, drug use? Then a separation is a solution, leave the house and live separately might be a solution. And pray that God brings healing.

Knowing the partner

Preparing for marriage is getting to know very well your partner and be sure that he/she is the right choice. In a preaching, the predecessor said that God does NOT take care for your partner. You can pray that the Lord leads you to the right partner, but the ultimate choice and decision lies with you. God has given man a common sense to make the right choice.
I know someone who prayed, Lord I am not sure if she is the right woman for me, show me your Will. One day he wandered on the street and a car stopped and the person in the car said: "it is God's will". And he said that is God's answer. Ridiculous that can be of satan, because satan hears your prayers. And he married with all its consequences. Believers, please, we have a common sense, if you doubt that is a serious sign that the partner is not the right one, or are not yet mature for marriage. Carefully consider whether it is time to break the relationship.
Your thoughts and future plans should correspond.


To marry, BOTH should be independent. The Bible says: "Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and cleaves to his wife, and they become one flesh" (valid for the man and the woman), that is completely loose from your parents and taking independently decisions and leave the family home and living independently and independently financially taking care of your family.
It is a good thing when before marriage each one goes living on its own. Gain experience in paying rent, energy and water, livelihood, basically experience the cost of independent living.
Experience what it means to hold a housekeeping: cooking, washing, shopping, house cleaning. Yes that also valids for the man. As a child, my mother was occasionally ill. At the age of 10 I learned to prepare food, so when my father came home, he could ignite the gas. Learned to wash the dishes, washing clothes and ironing. Ridiculous, certainly not. Because what if your wife dies? What if your wife is sick, can you as man take care of your wife and children? We live in other times. In biblical times, there were the parents in the vicinity and they took care of the children (husband and wife worked, think of the water welling women). Sometimes children are now living in other cities. A crèche is no solution, you are as parents responsible for the education in the primary phase of life. And what could be more fun if you can surprise your wife with breakfast in bed, a romantic candlelight dinner in the cozy intimacy at home? So yes, the man must also be able to cooking and baking a cake. No problem for the man to the laundry or washing dishes when the woman is tired. That is true love!
Many marriages go broke because one is not financially independent. Again, preparation. Saving is a necessity. Saving for the cost of the wedding and wedding party. Saving for the interior of your home: furniture, bedroom, kitchen. For my wedding I had already bought in sales (so you save money) things like pans, coffee machine, food processor, blankets and sheets, towels, etc.
Do not be tempted to start with a credit card. The interior of your house, you buy cheaper by cash payment (negotiate with the seller) and not in 10x or 15x payments. Remember that often, after a year of marriage the first child arrives, with all expenses: expensive diapers and baby food. Then start the paying of tuition fees, the second child. Therefore the cost never ends during the first 20 years of marriage.
Look where it is cheaper, often diapers are in sale or are cheaper when you buy 3 packs at a time.
All this you do not learn when you stay with your parents until marriage.


Build your spiritual life together. Read the Bible together and talk about what the Bible text means for you PERSONALLY. Pray together. Go together to Bible studies and weekly prayer services. Take part in programs for persons engaged to be married in the church.
Talk about your past, your traumas. Then your partner learns to understand you better. I am only child, grew up in a childless environment without friends, many allergy, sick a lot as a child, parents not communicative, without parents who kissed each other on the mouth, difficulty in learning, etc., etc. That gave consequences for my wedding, but telling my past and learning to communicate, my wife understands me better. Yes, the Holy SpiritIS capable to liberate and change people. But you must open and willing.

Prevent pregnancy. What contraceptives are there?"

See Birth control.

Which sexual relationship within the marriage?

How to choose your future partner?

God has created the sexual relationship between a married man and his wife. Only after the wedding, the first sexual relationship is allowed. And this first contact, "the first time" is important. The divorce rate is higher among those who have had sex before marriage. That makes sense. It is not just having sex before marriage, it has everything to do with self-control. People who know to control, have a much lower chance of divorce, besides the fact that the Lord God hates divorce. The marriage between man and woman is definitely not an easy thing. The man has other interest than his wife, both have different feelings. The education of children sometimes asks a lot of self-control and control by the Holy Spirit. The Bible says nothing for nothing that both must have the same (spiritual) level. If one is a young believer (still growing under the control of the Holy Spirit) and the other an adult believer (fully under the control and fruits of the Holy Spirit) then this gives all kinds of tensions and demands an enormous self-control.
But now back to "the first time". My first time was a great frustration, not educated by my parents. Nor had my wife any knowledge. I did not know where I had to enter my penis and the defloration went with a lot of blood loss, that was scaring for both of us. One defloration is the other not. With one it goes easy, sometimes without any blood loss. With the other, the hymen is stiffer and the man should take the time and patience to break the hymen. Light blood loss is normal. At the Jewish wedding, the bed sheet with the blood of the defloration is shown to the wedding guests.
So the first time. Take care of a quiet environment without any disturbance. Take the time to make love. It is not a direct enter into the vagina and deflower. It is a time of kissing, caressing, and slowly undressing each other. Get excited, so that the penis of the man gets hard and stiff and the vagina secretes fluid (become wet). This fluid helps with the sliding of the penis into the vagina. The woman's vagina begins to unlock and open up so the penis can enter. For the man is valid, do this quietly, do not enter at one time. Let your wife indicate how deep you can go inside. You encounter the hymen, and your wife indicates how this occurs (softly broken). It is your first sexual experience. Let it be for both of you, but especially for the woman be a fantastic event, to which she can look back on with great joy.
After the defloration, slide gently deeper into the vagina, until you are completely within. Sometimes you cannot do this at the first times. Do you not have any worries that will work out. Now you two can decide whether the man's penis starts scrolling back and forth. That can bring about a quick ejaculation, after which the penis is limp. And this causes that the woman remains without orgasm. Therefore, take your time, move your penis slowly and, every now and then. You will find out that your wife gets more excited and gets an orgasm (contraction of muscles). After that you may have your ejaculation. However, sometimes this fails the first times. It is a matter of practice. After the penis is limp and has withdrawn from the vagina, stay in each other's arms, kissing and fondle each other. Build on your relationship.
The Lord God says nothing for nothing in Genesis 2:24 that husband and wife becomes ONE. That is a very rich experience, the experience of being one, and also to experience that you are also "one" with the Lord God, that the Lord God is also present in your sexual relationship.

Information about what is permitted and not within a marriage, sexual sins, friendship between man and woman when married, you will find in Christian sex education marriage.
Below you can see some pictures of the vagina of the woman.